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Wireless in-car charging 360° USB-C port, air slot

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GTIN / EAN: 5901646277045

Item number NEW-7461

1.infrared detection design:
When the phone is inserted into the car charger, it can be automatically clamped and charged. The 360 degree rotation can be adjusted to your needs

    2. smart safety features - Drive safer with overheating, short circuit and other built-in safety features

    3. Convenience:
With our wireless charger, you can charge your phone and place it on the stand in one easy step. It has a powerful stabilizing function that locks your phone firmly in place and won't fall easily

    4.fast charging remains the same even with a cover

    5 4-6.5 inch compatible device

    6. power: 10 W / 7,5 W / 5 W automatic identification

example; example; example; 7. detection distance: 0-8 mm

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