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i9 Water Bottle Yoga bottle glass water bottle 650 ml, informs healthy water

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What makes  the drinking bottle so special? The bottle "informs" the water" . what does that mean? The technique is based on the knowledge that information can be transferred to an object. Wishes, positive thoughts, music, chakras and many more information can be transferred to one thing with the help of so-called orgone energy. The glass bottle is especially light and resistant - rubber rings are supposed to protect and also make it slip-proof.



According to the renowned physicist and scientist Dr. Yuri Yatsko, information can be captured and transferred to another object. This technology is not new - it was developed in the last century. The device is called a "cloudbuster" (orgone energy generating device) and transmits information almost without restriction. It can be used for the transmission of thoughts, wishes and even for the effect of medication.



Simply put - information is transferred to the product which has a positive effect on it.
The i9 (bottle) drinking bottle works exactly on the same principle. It has a so-called silicon tag, on which a lot of positive information has been coded by orgone energy, which is continuously released into the filled drinking water. The principle of water information was developed by "Poznik Technology". Vili Poznik is a Slovenian scientist, who is primarily dedicated to improving the quality of water, food and air. Poznik and his team were awarded an innovation prize for their water vitalization in 2000. The trained engineer calls the water thus treated "Live-Water", which also has a positive effect on animals and plants.