Original power supply EU Adapter 85W MagSafe 1 MC556, MacBook Pro 15" 17" A1343 | Handy-Tuning.com

Original power supply EU Adapter 85W MagSafe 1 MC556, MacBook Pro 15" 17" A1343

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GTIN / EAN: 0885909454426

Item number NEW-8122

the article is original and will be delivered in a neutral packaging (since it is imported) with Apple EU adapter

the matching power cable can be purchased separately click here

Please check the Magsafe carefully before making a complaint. With this video you can check if it is an original product.
The serial number is not verifiable because it is not stored on Apple's European servers. Only numbers from iPhone, Macbook etc. are confirmed.

The 85 W MagSafe Power Adapter comes with a magnetic power plug: So if someone should stumble over it, the cable connection simply comes loose. This also protects the cable from damage. And the magnetic power plug ensures that the connection can be made quickly and safely. 

If the connection is correct, an LED indicator on the top of the plug lights up: orange means that the notebook is charging, green means that the battery is fully charged. An EU plug is included with the power supply unit.

The power supply is the perfect travel companion and has a well thought-out design. This way the cable can be nicely wound up and stored;

This power supply can be used to charge the lithium polymer battery when the system is on, off or in sleep mode. It also supplies power to the computer if you want to use it without a battery;

Only compatible with the MagSafe 1  mains connection.
(According to the forum also suitable for devices that need less than 85W)

Designed for: (not for Retina Display)

MacBook Pro 15"

MacBook Pro 17"

Power Capacity: 85 watts, Included: EU Power Adapter

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